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Advantages of SAMCAMEL stab-resistant clothing:

  • 1. Anti-cutting: The special woven structure and the excellent performance of ultra-high-strength fibers make this garment anti-cutting.
  • 2. Knife resistance:  Ultra-high-strength fiber, high-density woven, adopts a special process to form a soft force group, which can prevent cuts.
  • 3. Anti-stab:  Anti-stab ability is greater than 500 Newtons
  • 4. Anti-theft:  The blade cannot cut through the anti-cutting layer, and the items in the inner pocket of the clothes can be anti-theft.
  • 5. High strength:  Using ultra-high-strength fiber thread double-thread sewing to ensure the anti-cut level at the seam, not easy to damage, not easy to tear.
  • 6. Large area:  0.7 to 1.2 square meters, the protective area is greater than the protective area of 4 pieces of soft stab-resistant clothing, stab-resistant vest, and stab-resistant clothing.
  • 7. Light weight:  0.65-1.3 kg, excellent maneuverability.
  • 8. Thin thickness:   does not affect the flexibility of the body, after putting on the jacket, it is the same as normal dressing, and it has strong concealment.