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Knowledge about stab resistant clothing

by ZHANGSHUGUANG on March 08, 2022

With the development of science and technology, it not only promotes the progress of society, but also brings great convenience to life. In the field of safety protection, various protection products are constantly updated and iterated, and the research, development and use of new materials have also greatly improved the protection ability and comfort of protection products, which has a great impact on modern life.
The research and development of any product cannot be invincible. This is especially true for stab proof and bulletproof products. Some people think that bulletproof vests don't have to worry about bullet damage at all. Anti stab clothing can also completely resist the cutting and stabbing damage of all knives. Stab resistant clothing can not completely resist the cutting and stabbing of all sharp objects.

The high-performance fibers in stab resistant clothing are different from the regular weaving mode of ordinary clothing, but are randomly arranged and disorderly intertwined to form a tight and irregular fiber mesh structure, and then the layers of fiber mesh structure are overlapped together. High performance fibers such as Kevlar and PE have extremely high strength and toughness, and their strength and toughness have been greatly improved when layers of fibers are interwoven once. Because the fibers in the fiber web are randomly arranged without longitude and latitude lines and are intertwined layer by layer, the tip of the puncture object is bound and blocked by layers of fibers in the process of puncture, and it is unable to push all the filaments away and smoothly penetrate into the wearer's body. Just like when we sew clothes, when we sew clothes, the tip will push the fabric fibers to pass through the orderly interwoven gaps. However, if the fibers are multi-layer and disorderly interwoven together, in the process of puncture, the needle tip cannot smoothly avoid all the fibers and is blocked by some of them.
Like bulletproof clothing, stab proof clothing is also divided into different defense levels. The material structure and thickness of stab proof clothing with different defense levels are also different. At present, the two standards widely used are the national standard and the American Standard. The national standard stipulates that the stab proof clothing needs to be able to protect the impact energy of 24J, and the cutting tool is not allowed to penetrate the stab proof clothing; According to nij0115 00 standard can be divided into three levels: I (protective impact energy 24J ~ 36j), II (protective impact energy 33J ~ 50J) and III (protective impact energy 43j ~ 65j).