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How to choose a suitable sleeping bag? What kind of sleeping bag is comfortable?

by ZHANGSHUGUANG on August 12, 2022

As a person who likes outdoor sports very much, I have visited a lot of places, climbed a lot of mountains and seen a lot of beautiful scenery in recent years. Every outdoor trip is very hard. After a day of hiking and trekking, a good sleep in the camp is a necessary measure to recover physical strength.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a warm and comfortable sleeping bag.

For many novice campers, they don't know how to buy sleeping bags in the face of all kinds of sleeping bags.
Therefore, some friends often ask me what kind of sleeping bag he needs to buy?
Now I will briefly introduce it.
1. Shape of sleeping bag
There are two common shapes of sleeping bags: envelope type and mummy type. The mummy type conforms to the ergonomic design, with wide shoulders and narrow feet. It has good thermal insulation and is not easy to lose heat. The envelope type sleeping bag is the same width from top to bottom, with large internal space and better comfort than the mummy type sleeping bag.

2. Sleeping bag filling
The filling of sleeping bag is the biggest factor affecting its warmth retention. If it is outdoor camping, it is recommended to choose down filling. The advantages of down sleeping bags are light, small size and good warmth retention.
Down sleeping bags have two very important performance indicators: puffiness and down filling capacity. The higher the puffiness, the better the thermal insulation performance and the smaller the compression. Generally speaking, the puffiness of duck down is about 450FP, while the puffiness of goose down is 450-600FP.
The down content is generally expressed in percentage. The down content of duck down is generally 85% to 90%, while the down content of goose down can reach 90% - 95%.

3. Outer material
The outer layer of a good sleeping bag is generally made of waterproof fabric, which can be effectively waterproof in case of windy and snowy weather, keep the dryness and warmth of the sleeping bag, and facilitate daily scrubbing.

The outer layer of Shamo camel sleeping bag is made of 15D lightweight fabric, which is comfortable and breathable. Moreover, after anti splashing treatment, the surface can form a water repellent layer, which collects water into beads. It can naturally roll down from the surface layer and will not penetrate the sleeping bag. Its internal filler is 90% white duck down, with a fluffy degree of 800 +, which is excellent in warmth retention and fluffy effect.

After reading this sharing, do you know how to choose a camping sleeping bag? I hope everyone can go outdoors to have a look. The pleasure of camping is beyond your imagination! Above, I hope it will help you~


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