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7 Things you must know about the outdoors

by ZHANGSHUGUANG on August 16, 2022

For outdoor travel, in addition to preparing for physical, mental, and equipment, the most important thing is to prepare knowledge. Because, it's not just about your travel experience, but sometimes it's a test of life and death.

1. Water Filter Straw can save lives

Water Filter Straw is a secret weapon carried by many senior outdoor travelers. It is a straw device to obtain drinking water. Many kinds of dirty water can be filtered and sterilized into drinkable water quality. Even if you need to drink urine in an emergency, the filtered water is clean and clear without any odor

2.Space blanket, save hypothermia

If you have experience in trail running, you must know that thermal blankets, also called outdoor survival blankets, are mandatory equipment required by all organizers. When you lose temperature, you can wrap your body tightly to prevent heat from escaping.

3. Sanitary napkins, which have many uses outdoors

The most commonly used method of using sanitary napkins is to pad feet, absorb sweat, and reduce the friction between feet and soles; if you are accidentally injured and bleed, sanitary napkins also have the effect of stopping bleeding. However, be careful not to use it for too long. Otherwise, you will really lose too much blood.

4.The lighter is not as reliable as the flint

Anyone who is experienced outdoors knows that matches, lighters, and magnifying glasses are not practical to make fire outdoors. You have to rely on flint when you go out, so you are not afraid of moisture, and you will not break down halfway at critical moments.

5.Carry a Band-Aid to reduce foot injuries

The shoes do not fit well, and the toes and heels can easily chafe. A band-aid can be attached to the little finger and heel to isolate the contact with the edge of the shoe and reduce damage to the feet. It is a common way to travel outdoors.

6. Trekking poles save 20% physical strength and protect knees

It is common sense to use trekking poles for mountaineering. Some people may not know why, but trekking poles save 20% of physical strength, protect knees from injury.

7. Drinking alcohol in the cold field can be fatal

In the opinion of many people, drinking can keep you warm. This statement is wrong. Drinking alcohol may increase body heat in a short time, but the process of decomposing enzymes will quickly consume the remaining body heat and reduce body temperature.

The pictures in this article are all from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please let us know and delete it.

The pictures in this article are all from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please let us know and delete it.

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