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How does the anti stab suit play an anti stab role?

by ZHANGSHUGUANG on March 15, 2022

As the name suggests, anti stab clothing is used to prevent stabbing and cutting. It can effectively prevent the puncture of sharp weapons, so as to protect the user's chest and back from the threat of stabbing. Next, we will give a detailed introduction to the principle of stab proof clothing.
At present, the vast majority of stab resistant clothes on the market are made of high-performance fiber material Kevlar or high-performance ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. Kevlar is a new type of aramid fiber composite developed in the United States in the 1960s. It has low density and high strength (its strength is 5 times that of steel of the same quality)
It has the advantages of good toughness, high temperature resistance, easy processing and molding.
Ultra high content polyethylene is a kind of high-strength fiber developed in the 1990s, which has the characteristics of UV resistance, water resistance, ultra-high strength and so on.

The high-performance fibers in stab resistant clothing are different from the regular weaving mode of ordinary clothing, but are randomly arranged and disorderly intertwined to form a tight and irregular fiber mesh structure, and then the layers of fiber mesh structure are overlapped together.
High performance fibers such as Kevlar and PE have extremely high strength and toughness, and their strength and toughness have been greatly improved when layers of fibers are interwoven once.
Because the fibers in the fiber web are randomly arranged without longitude and latitude lines and are intertwined layer by layer, the tip of the puncture object is bound and blocked by layers of fibers in the process of puncture, and it is unable to push all the filaments away and smoothly penetrate into the wearer's body.
This process is similar to that when we sew clothes. When sewing clothes, the tip will push the fabric fibers through the orderly interwoven gaps, but if the fibers are multi-layered and disorderly interwoven,
Then in the process of puncture, the needle tip cannot smoothly avoid all the fibers and is blocked by some of them.

Speaking of this, many people may think that wearing stab proof clothing can completely resist the stabbing injury of various puncture weapons. In fact, this is not the case. Just as bulletproof clothing can not be defended by any powerful bullet, although stab proof clothing can effectively defend the stabbing injury of sharp weapons, it is not absolutely impenetrable. When encountering extremely sharp weapons with high puncture speed, stab proof clothing can not ensure the safety of the wearer. Therefore, people prefer to call stab resistant vest rather than stab proof vest.

Like bulletproof clothing, stab proof clothing is also divided into different defense levels. The material structure and thickness of stab proof clothing with different defense levels are also different.
We take Chinese standards and American standards for example. Chinese standards stipulate that stab proof clothing should be able to protect the impact energy of 24J, and the knife is not allowed to penetrate the stab proof clothing; According to NIJ0115 00 standard can be divided into three levels: I (protective impact energy 24J ~ 36J), II (protective impact energy 33J ~ 50J) and III (protective impact energy 43J~ 65J).

Therefore, we must be clear about the types of threats in our environment and reasonably choose stab proof clothing according to our actual situation and needs.
In addition, the material structure of the stab proof clothing will be damaged to some extent during the puncture process, and its protective ability will also decline. Therefore, it is best to replace the stab proof clothing in time after an attack.

The above is the basic introduction of stab proof clothing. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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